Balancing teams with personality testing

Leaders tend to create teams in ways that do not include an understanding of team dynamics. Personalities that mesh, or don’t mesh, are more important to team success than the hard skills or the expertise that team members bring to the team. Understanding and assessing personality, soft skills, and values are keys to creating a[…]

How HR Assessments improve your bottom line

  Are you a CEO who believes HR issues don’t affect your company’s bottom line? Think again. An article in this December’s Harvard Business Review details the amount of time wasted each day on people problems in the workplace, and attached the dollar value of these problems from the surveyed executives. Read the article here.[…]

Leadership: How to build trust

Studies show that trust in leaders is at an all-time low. While we’re attracted to charismatic leaders who are compelling, charisma in Hogan Personality Survey terms is the sum of the dark side personality characteristics. These include: mischievous, colorful, bold and imaginative. Charisma alone will not build trust. The Hogan article “4 Ways to Build[…]