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Enhance your workplace today. Whether your business is transitioning or growing, you need the strongest talent to lead the way to success.

Human Resources touches all aspects of business. Reaching your business goals relies on strong people in the right positions with effective, reliable human resource processes.

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Dependable Human Resource Management Consulting

Are your managers and leaders frustrated because customer service has faltered? Because manufacturing misses deadlines? When you choose human resources consulting from the J N Gruber Group, experienced leadership practice consultants visit your company to assess your human resources strategy, and the strengths and developmental opportunities within your organization.

No matter where in the service cycle you engage us, each step is interconnected. We start by asking about your business strategy. Then we find out about your human resource strategy, with the goal of aligning the two. It all starts there. When business goals, organization structure and talent align, you’ve got the right people in the right positions headed in the right direction.


HR Strategy & Planning

Ensure the effectiveness of your human resources processes with a comprehensive assessment from the J N Gruber Group. Our experienced consultants align your business strategy with your present talent needs and your future needs. A talent strategy that matches your company’s needs, enhances the entire organization’s performance.


Talent Assessment

Every business hopes to have excited, motivated employees with a clear understanding of where the company is headed. Part of ensuring this involves evaluating whether the right kind of talent and skills are in the right jobs. J N Gruber Group uses a variety of tools to assess people’s behavioral dimensions: the personality traits, behaviors and qualities that make them excellent performers. Once you know what you need in a position, you can identify and find the best candidates, or train existing employees to develop the skills they need to succeed. Learn how our professional HR Assessment tools can help you find the right people for the right jobs.


Leadership and Management Coaching

Finding the best organization development strategy for your business is easy when you choose the J N Gruber Group. Our team of human resources consultants assesses the talent to help your business prosper. Enhance your employees’ current skills with leadership and management coaching that result in comprehensive improvement plans. If there are skill gaps, we’ll help you develop a plan to fill them.

Management Development

Most organizations do a great job assessing performance against objectives. Did you reach your goals or not? That’s the “what” of the job. Management development is different – it’s the “how” of doing the job. Individual development for managers and leaders about how they do their jobs not only improves overall performance, it creates more effective teams that achieve better and higher results.

Organizations who implement management development processes often have a strong leadership and succession focus. The more effective the manager, the more effective the leader, the better the organization performs.


Succession Planning

What happens when a key employee or member of your leadership team leaves? Who takes over? Are those people ready? Succession planning is paramount in today’s lean company structures. J N Gruber Group can help you identify the right talent, whether those people currently work at your business or need to be hired, to fill these vital positions.


Human Resources Process Improvement

How are your human resource activities functioning? If you’re not recruiting and/or retaining the right people, have systems in place to reward them effectively, and ways to improve processes on the people side of the business, your company is missing opportunities to performing at its highest capacity. If your human resource processes don’t work effectively or efficiently, or you can’t find people with the right skills, your HR function is broken and your business won’t reach its goals. And if no process exists to develop employee skills and plan for their growth, all the rest of your efforts can be fruitless. We fix broken processes to get your company back on track.


Recruitment & Skill Improvement

Your workplace deserves the best talent out there, and our team is committed to finding them. From interview to the final selection process, we assist you in growing your business with the most qualified individuals we can find. After hiring, your employees stay at the top of their game with written improvement plans, evaluations, and specialized training to keep them sharp. Learn how HR assessments help you hire the right people for the right jobs here.


Hunt Roman Group

Jeff also serves on the Human Resource Leadership Team of Hunt Roman Group (HRG), an organization of senior HR executives dedicated to providing timely virtual support to small and medium sized businesses. HRG specializes in associations, multi-site employers and multi-unit franchise organizations. HRG’s consultants have world-class experience in all HR disciplines in companies ranging from Fortune 50 to small businesses across multiple industries including government, manufacturing, technology, health care, marketing, non-profit, utilities and start-ups. Jeff’s clients benefit from the vast experience of these allied professionals.

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